An International company specialized on investment of critical infrastructure worldwide.

Global Presences :

North America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia

Major Industries :

Critical infrastructure including airports, seaports, customs, air navigation agencies, ministries of defence.

Market Focus :

Enhancement of security for airports, seaports and improvements of efficiency or work for customers, air navigation agencies.

GSS invests in world class leading edge technologies :

That enhance anti-terrorist and anti-crime (i.e. narcotics, illegal weapons, smuggling) detection and prevention.

GSS brings world class security expertise :

Assuming all responsibility for funding of new capital investment and will ensure compliance with all required international regulations.

Business Interest of GSS

GSS invests in security of critical infrastructure of different countries, we are considering the following segments

Services of GSS

GSS provides complete lifecycle services for turnkey security projects, including:


With extensive experience in security systems, GSS can help identify and analyze security concerns, based on the needs of any organization. whether it's conducting...


GSS has designed turnkey solutions for all types of projects in all types of markets worldwide. We ensure that the security systems we design meet or exceed specified requirements.


GSS is a full-service systems integrator specializing in command and contorl, perimeter security, access control, cyber security, video surveillance and video management systems

Project Management and Supervision

Starting with the customer, we gain an in-depth understanding of requirements. Next, working with our in-house engineering teams, we design the right solution to address...


Our technical experts carry out or supervise every step of the process, ensuring that the system performs as designed. We work with a wide range of contractors and engineers including electrical...

Maintenance, Support and Trading

Depending on customer needs, GSS offers a range of support options, including: preventive maintenance, technical support, documentation services and on-site support