About Us

An International company specializing in investment in critical infrastructure worldwide.

  • GLOBAL PRESENCES: North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
  • MAJOR INDUSTRIES: Critical infrastructure including airports, seaports, customs, air navigation agencies, ministries of defense.
  • MARKET FOCUS: Enhancement of security for airports, seaports and improvement of efficiency or work for customs, air navigation agencies.
  • GSS INVESTS IN WORLD CLASS LEADING EDGE TECHNOLOGIES: That enhance anti-terrorist and anti-crime (i.e. narcotics, illegal weapons, smuggling) detection and prevention.
  • GSS BRINGS WORLD CLASS SECURITY EXPERTISE: Assuming all responsibility for funding of new capital investment and will ensure compliance with all required international regulations.

The government receives a world-class security and technology system, which meets or exceeds all international requirements, and promotes trade, tourism and economic development.

The country spends less, because GSS absorbs the cost of existing technology, security equipment and maintenance services. GSS also covers expenses required for regular upgrades throughout the lifetime of the project.

GSS’s multi-million investment will be directed to leading edge technologies which enhance the detection and prevention of terrorist and crime activity (i.e. narcotics, illegal weapons, human trafficking). GSS does not require sovereign guarantees.

Through GSS’s international client base, the country receives the benefit of best practices and technology from the world’s leading enterprises.

GSS provides additional upgrades for its state-of-the-art security systems throughout the lifetime of the project, to guarantee that the systems correspond to or exceed the highest standards of industry regulators.